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Most hair removal salons offer a variety of techniques for permanent hair removal ranging from waxing, to sugaring, to laser and threading. The type of technique you have and how far you go depends on your patience, and in some cases your pain threshold. Like lots of other beauty treatments, hair removal can become addictive. Why stop at your legs, underarms and bikini line when you could have your eyebrows, toes (Yes toes have hair!) and even your arms done as well? A total body hair removal session if you will.

As much as hair removal is not a new thing, advances in technology and techniques have made the process easier and far more effective than days gone by. Humans began removing their body hair as early as the Stone Age and now both men and women treat it as a personal choice. Traditional techniques such as sugaring and threading have made their way to the UK from warmer climates.

These are widely available, affordable, easy and effective. They also leave skin smooth and hair free for a couple of weeks. Treatments such as laser, electrolysis and IPL, whilst more expensive, last longer and can lead to permanent hair reduction if you keep up with the course recommended to you. Here, light or an electric current penetrate the hair follicle, stopping hair growth from the root. The number of sessions needed to achieve permanently hair-free skin will depend on your hair type. Generally darker hair sees better results.

If you're a bloke nervous to try hair removal for the first time then don't be. Salons welcome men with open arms and know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The nature of male body hair tends to mean it's thicker and there's far more of it so it can take a little longer to wax, thread or sugar it away.

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